Smokin' Ta Go!

Your Enjoyment is our Pleasure!


On the Road - Near and Far

This Was the First Smoker We Built. That Was in 1999 and she is still going strong.
 years in the business!

Custom Built Smokers For Sale!

We build Custom Smokers,Tailgating Grills and BBQ's  just ask!!

Wedding Party near Ithaca NY

This is a 120 pound pig.

The smoker is made from 100% Stainless Steel.You can not find a lower maintenance free smoker on the market. No annual paint jobs, no touch ups and ready for commercial use. It has only been brushed up, to remove the grease.
It comes equipped with  two compartments. The double door that you see open is for smoking  and a separate one (closed) for charcoal. The smoke box comes equipped with a propane burner to aid in starting the wood fire and each compartment is equipped with grease drip leg.

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